Carlsbad iPhone Countdown: The Morning After

by The Editors on June 30, 2007

Iphone Vista

For those following along here’s how it went: we did not make an Apple iPhone purchase, yet. We chose Sue Palmer over standing inline at AT&T. We do, however, have a friend who made a run for the border and pulled into an undisclosed AT&T Store in Vista at 4 PM. After waiting in line for two hours he was able to snap some photos and snag a 4 gig, which immediately sent him into the throws of an inferiority complex. In a late evening email he said: “I have not broken the seal yet. I have decided to swap it for the 8 gig.”

New IphoneBut as anyone knows, it’s nearly impossible to sit with a new piece of Apple technology without opening it. Moments later we got another email. . . “I opened the package and it is not as sleek as it looks in the ads….”

Side Note: the Fashion Valley Apple Store opens at 10 AM this morning and according to the Apple iPhone Availability Page they still have phones (as does every Apple store in California).

Below The Side Note: Our photos from the Plaza Camino Real line were picked up and included in the iPhone photo gallery. Two of them.

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