Legoland Looking To Build In Florida?

by The Editors on June 21, 2009

Legoland-LogoMerlin Entertainments, the company that owns Legoland California, may be looking to build a new Legoland in Florida on the site of “Florida’s first theme park” Cypress Gardens, according to a report on

One of the website’s readers was apparently invited to take an online survey.

The questions were all about building Legoland Florida, which would be based on the basic design and layout of the Legoland California park, and feature about 50 different rides and attractions. . . The survey asked some basic questions about ticket price levels as well trying to tell how interested people would be in visiting Legoland Florida on their next trip to the area. . . However the most interesting thing of all were questions that asked if Legoland chose to build their park on the site of Cypress Gardens, would you be more or less interested in visiting.

If plans go through it looks like Carlsbad will be a little less unique.

[Link: Screamscape via Lifthil]

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