Floating Airport For Carlsbadistan?

by The Editors on October 26, 2009

500X Floaty2

Adam Englund has a idea that solves most of San Diego’s airport problems: a 200 million square foot floating airport.

The structure Englund and his 40-strong group of collaborators–”pilots, naval architects, maritime engineers” as well as the standard array of finance types–are proposing is called OceansWorks Offshore Airport. The airport would be located mostly on the roof of the structure though. Below it would be four stories of open real estate open to almost limitless uses. “Hotels, restaurants, conference centers, free trade zones, distribution facilities, research facilities, universities…” Englund says, pauses for a moment, and then ticks off some more possibilities. “Even after all the space required for internal infrastructure, that leaves 200 million square feet. That’s more office space than currently exists in all of San Diego county.”

It would only cost $20 Billion and if they locked it down about 13 miles offshore at Terramar we’d be way, way into it.

[Link: OceansWorks Offshore Airport via Gizmodo via Infrastructurist]

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