Lambesis Gets Good Karma

by The Editors on February 22, 2010

FiskerCarlsbadistan Village based advertising agency Lambesis has been named the agency of record for Irvine, California-based Fisker Automotive’s new Karma line of plug-in hybrid high performance automobiles according to a post on Green Car Advisor.

The Karma is classes as an extended-range plug-in hybrid, meaning it combines a rechargeable battery pack and electric motor with an on-board gasoline-burning engine-generator that will continue producing juice for the electric motor after the initial battery charge is depleted. . . The creative types at Lambesis will earn their keep explaining all that in print and on-line ads and 15-second TV and radio commercials (presuming that’s where they’ll be placing Karma advertising material).

Another reminder that there are some pretty big deals going down in Carlsbadistan.

[Link: Green Car Advisor]

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