Carlsbadistan’s 400 Foot Tall Icon Discussed

by The Editors on May 18, 2010

100515Encina T352San Diego Union-Tribune writer Michael Burge discussed our icon the Encina Power Station’s 400-foot-tall smokestack on Sunday in a story in which City Councilwoman Ann Kulchin said “I think it’s ugly.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve disagreed with Ms. Kulchin. We love the smokestack (obviously) and hope that regardless of what happens to the power plant that the tower stays. It is our beacon. A sentinel watching over Carlsbadistan. Whether we’re out surfing, or walking on the beach, or flying home on a big ol’ jet airliner, the tower reminds us of exactly where we are and where we live. The best little beach city in the world.

On a side note: Thank God no one ever let billboard artist Wyland slap a bunch of cartoon whales up on the side of the power plant because that would have been too ugly for words. Seriously.

[Link: San Diego Union Tribune]

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