June 2009

Pacific Ridge Students Speak To The Media

by The Editors on June 20, 2009

Carlsbadistan’s Pacific Ridge School students John Ballif, 15, and Stephanie Sapp, 15, talk to reporters about what it was like to be quarantined in Yichang, China for Swine Flu and how it feels to finally be back home and out of solitary confinement.


Some Pacific Ridge Students Home From China

by The Editors on June 20, 2009

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Rick, Stephanie, Juliana, Richie, and Shari Sapp can’t hide the smiles after being reunited.

All 15-year-old Stephanie Stapp (second from left) really wanted after being greeted by her family was some home cooked food. “Tacos sound so good. Mexican food,” she said wistfully between rounds of questions from reporters.

Stephanie, whose father Rick Sapp is the chairman of the board of the Pacific Ridge School, was among the ten students and two teachers who arrived home to the school’s Carlsbad campus tonight around 7:30 PM as part of the first wave of students returning home after their entire school trip had been quarantined in Yichang, China for the H1N1 virus. Three of these returning students had been in the hospital.

062009  9AThe trip was scheduled for 13 days, however it went a little overtime when several of the students fell ill during a river cruise to the Three Gorges Dam.

After those illnesses were reported to the Chinese government the entire group of 35 students and seven faculty were quarantined in the city of Yichang, China.

“We were five days later than we should have been,” Stephanie explained to reporters. “We got to see Shanghai for one day, but we didn’t end up doing the home stays.”

More students will be arriving at the school tonight a little after midnight, and five others who tested positive for Swine Flu earlier this month are still in the hospital in Yichang, China. According to student John Ballif, 15, some of those may be home as early as next week.

062009  1
Balloons, hugs, smiles, and tears of joy greeted ten students and two teachers as they finally arrived back at Carlsbad’s Pacific Ridge School after days in quarantine.


Is Callaway A Good Recession Buy?

by The Editors on June 20, 2009

Callaway-LogoIn a recent column Reuters’ “blogging money and politics” writer James Pethokoukis asked the question: Is Callaway Golf a good play in the recession?

James goes on to say that the golf business is getting hammered right now and that sales could be down 17 to 20 percent rather than the 5 to 10 percent that Callaway reported.

However, most analysts agree Callaway boasts a strong balance sheet and one of the best golf brands. . . And the new drivers are doing better than expected as the company is using them to clear out unwanted fairway wood inventory, Gilford Securities analyst Casey Alexander said. . . In fact, the stock is likely to rebound as things improve, said Alexander, who has a “buy” rating on the stock and also runs a small hedge fund that holds Callaway shares.

Guess that’s a “yes.”

[Link: Reuters]


Carlsbad Chamber’s Ted Owen Interviewed

by The Editors on June 20, 2009

Tedowencolor-SquareThe San Diego News Network’s Helen Kaiao Chang interviewed Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce CEO Ted Owen and got the longtime San Diego Business Journal publisher to answer five questions about his current job.

One of the reasons I was interested in this job is I’ve always had a penchant for wanting to counsel people on how to run a business. I love working with small-business people who have ideas and new products that they have no concept on how to take to the market, how to find financing. . . I get a great deal of satisfaction out of meeting with a person, on a number of occasions, for two to three hours at a time. My biggest satisfaction is … as they leave the chamber and look over their shoulders and wave goodbye, there’s a smile on their face. That’s payment enough for me. We do it for free.

Now that we think about it, Mr. Owen sounds like someone we should have spoken to years ago. . .

[Link: San Diego News Network]


Carlsbad May Get A New Airline

by The Editors on June 20, 2009

Feb09 14Ted Vallas the former owner of The Olympic Resort on the corner of Palomar Airport Road and El Camino Real has announced that he is launching new regional airline out of the Carlsbad-Palomar Airport, according to a story on TradingMarkets.com.

The entrepreneur. . . said he plans to launch Carlsbad Palomar Airline with three to six mid-range, mid-size jets, potentially models made by Bombardier, of Canada; Fokker, of the Netherlands; and Embraer, of Brazil. . . Initial flights would include three daily flights to Oakland, with 70 seats each. Two daily flights with 50 to 70 seats would go to Phoenix and then on to Tucson, Ariz. A sixth daily flight would go south to Cabo San Lucas, a resort area at the southern tip of Baja California.

Guess there is no better time to start a business that in a economic downturn.

[Link: Trading Markets]


Pacific Ridge Homecoming Tonight!

by The Editors on June 20, 2009

Pacificridge ChinaTwenty-nine students and five teachers who had been held in Swine Flu quarantine will be arriving back at the Pacific Ridge Campus tonight June 20, 2009, according to representatives.

Pacific Ridge School is pleased to report that our students and teachers are en route from Shanghai to LAX and are expected to arrive at the Pacific Ridge School campus on Saturday, June 20, 2009 at approximately 8:30 p.m. (PDT) and Sunday, June 21, 2009 at approximately 12:30 a.m. (PDT).

We welcome these students home and send best wishes to the students and teachers who are still in China.

[Link: Pacific Ridge School]


Most Pacific Ridge Students Out Of Quarantine

by The Editors on June 18, 2009

PacificridgeGood news for families of the 9th grade Pacific Ridge students being held under Swine Flu quarantine in Yichang, China.

Pacific Ridge School is pleased to report that as of Thursday morning (PDT), 26 students and five teachers were discharged from the hotel, and another three students and one teacher who tested negative for H1N1 were discharged from the hospital. Six students and one teacher who tested positive for H1N1 are still in quarantine in the hospital awaiting final testing before discharge. The school expects their discharge within the next three to five days. One discharged teacher will remain in a nearby hotel in Yichang to support the remaining quarantined students and teacher.

The discharged students and teachers will travel to Shanghai, where they will depart on Saturday (PDT). Travel arrangements are still being finalized, including arrival cities and times.

Rockin’ good news.


Carlsbad Sticks Up The Big Apple

by The Editors on June 18, 2009

Carlsbad In Nyc

Looks like Carlsbadistan is getting some big ups in the Big Apple thanks to Carlsbadcrawl.com. If we can make it there, we’ll make it. . .

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Truck Rollover Blocks 5 South Slow Lane

by The Editors on June 17, 2009

061709  2

CHP and Carlsbad Fire Department responded to a truck roll over in the southbound lanes of Interstate 5 just north of the Tamarack exit this morning at approximately 7:15 AM closing the southbound Tamarack exit adding to the morning commute. The News 10 Helicopter circled most of the morning and TV news crews were on the ground.

According to 10 News two people were injured.


Terramar Seawall vs. The Surfrider Foundation

by The Editors on June 16, 2009

Z3F7C2Fa09A4Cb003882575D6007D0BbfWhen Dean A. Goetz lost a few feet of his Terramar back yard he got worried enough to get the permits to build a $500,000 concrete wall to “protect beach goers,” according to a story in the North County Times. But at least one surfer didn’t like that.

. . . local surfer Dustin Rosa said the “true nature of their concern is protecting their backyards, not public safety.” . . Rosa contacted the San Diego County chapter of the Surfrider Foundation last week after construction of the wall began. . . . Todd Cardiff, an attorney with the Coast Law Group and an adviser to Surfrider, also rejected the safety argument. He noted that the main bluff collapse in the area occurred Dec. 19 and that the problem couldn’t have been that urgent if the fixes are just beginning now. . . .”We are going to do everything we can do to make them take that sea wall out,” Cardiff said. “This is one of the most cynical attempts to avoid the public process that I’ve seen in a long time.”

It will be interesting to see what happens on this one.

[Link: North County Times]