Most Pacific Ridge Students Out Of Quarantine

by The Editors on June 18, 2009

PacificridgeGood news for families of the 9th grade Pacific Ridge students being held under Swine Flu quarantine in Yichang, China.

Pacific Ridge School is pleased to report that as of Thursday morning (PDT), 26 students and five teachers were discharged from the hotel, and another three students and one teacher who tested negative for H1N1 were discharged from the hospital. Six students and one teacher who tested positive for H1N1 are still in quarantine in the hospital awaiting final testing before discharge. The school expects their discharge within the next three to five days. One discharged teacher will remain in a nearby hotel in Yichang to support the remaining quarantined students and teacher.

The discharged students and teachers will travel to Shanghai, where they will depart on Saturday (PDT). Travel arrangements are still being finalized, including arrival cities and times.

Rockin’ good news.

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