Chalk Up Another Carlsbad Art Splash

by The Editors on September 26, 2011

092511 10D   1760

Paper and Stone’s Dana (pictured above) half of the husbad/wife artist collab known as Jeanne Dana was only half kidding when he rushed to hold up a “No Photos” sign as soon as he saw us take out our camera. The artists from Sky Valley, California who were selling their faux marble sculpture this weekend at Carlsbadistan’s Art Splash have seen cameras out before. “You’re okay,” Jeanne said. “But a lot of times artists don’t like people taking pictures of their work. Someone takes a photo and then next day their stuff is is selling at Target.”

092511 10D   1741The chalk artists, on the other hand, didn’t seem to mind having their art photographed. After all, photos are the only thing that’s left after the street sweepers come rolling through. But that kind of goes with the transience of the form.

With chalk art there’s not much more than the doing. “None of us get paid to do this, you know, ” said artist Cynthia Kostylo. “We just do it for the art.”

Kostylo, who was covered head-to-toe in chalk dust says she does about seven chalk art events a year. “Some of us have kind of decided that if someone will pay our expenses and fly us out, we’ll do the the art.”

And that’s good, because without the help of artists like Kostylo Art Splash would never even happen. And without it, local schools would not get a little extra money for their art and music programs.

Click here for a photo gallery from Art Splash 2011.

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