State Screws Short Term Parking At Tamarack

by The Editors on December 31, 2011

Tamarack Park-1It was almost two years ago that the City of Carlsbadistan dream of free parking at Tamarack State Beach died and the California State Park system began charging for parking. It was sad, but at $2 a hour or $10 a day, it wasn’t completely out of the question.

Well, it appears we can all forget about that hourly parking thing. Apparently, California State Parks has eliminated the $2 an hour parking in the Tamarack Beach parking lot completely.

Want to take a 40 minute run on the beach in the morning? $10. Want to eat lunch on the rocks and watch the surfers at noon? $10. Nice how they do that, isn’t it? The State should probably just throw in the towel and charge $100 a day to park. Just think how much that would help the State budget. . . and truthfully, who uses that parking lot anyway?

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