Super Shady Ad For Building A Mall

by The Editors on September 13, 2015

Nothing better outlines the outrageous lengths to which LA based shopping mall developer Caruso Affilitated will go in their campaign to obfuscate the truth about their development plans than their own disinformation ads that have been running non-stop on the web and local TV.

This edit above is in support of building a shopping mall on the shores of the Agua Hedionda lagoon. Did you hear the word “mall” used? Or shopping? Or acres of parking lots? Or anything at all related to what the developer hopes to do with the property? No. You didn’t. That’s because Caruso Affiliated would rather not mention all that. We also find an LA developer’s use of the word “our” when referring to the Carlsbad City Council a bit misleading as well. Talk about “outside interests.”

For a reminder of what Caruso Affiliated shopping malls looks like, check out their own photo of The Grove below. It was probably named after the nursery grown trees they sandwiched into holes in the concrete outside of Pottery Barn Kids. Nice use of open space, huh?

Oh, and remember: Please Sign The Referendum Click here for locations.

02 The Grove

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Lisa September 14, 2015 at 11:05 am

Notice plan support list shrunk to 3? Used to be a couple more on there that never gave use permission (I think one was San Diego Farm Bureau. They support farming, but not the project itself). Opps!

And they no longer use “outside corporate interests” because Westfield was NEVER part of the referendum. Opps!

And remaining “outside interests” are the volunteers, folks from neighboring cities who wish they could vote, since it will affect them directly, especially traffic. Opps!

Just so sick of the misleading ads, I would have supported WHATEVER was opposite, just because the ads are soooo annoying.

Funny, LA developer Caruso is himself is an “outside interest”, His paid signers, I understand are a DC company…”outside interest”. Not sure where the PAID canverseyors following volunteer referendum signature gathered, are from. And the marketing I believe is either NY or DC. So for someone not wanting “outside interests” he sure has a lot of them, himself. Opps!

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