Beachwalk Bungle

by Eero Lloyd Neutra on June 3, 2007


A few days ago we mentioned that Carlsbad has very few architecturally significant homes. With a couple exceptions, most reside outside The Neighborhood. Unfortunately, the construction of the Carlsbad Beachwalk (two new “contemporary designs” on the corner of Garfield and Sequoia) doesn’t change that statement at all. In fact, these two new homes, being built by Garfield Beachwalk LLC (Patrick Kellett, Gregg Dileo & Dr. Cyril F. Kellett) appear to have been designed by someone reaching far outside their skill set.

BeachwalkWith no real balance or congruity of line these two homes appear to have been cobbled together with design elements randomly chosen from several different styles.

While it is good to see anyone with this kind of investment funding moving away from the Crapsman Revival homes that clutter Carlsbad, it is sad that this project is so aesthetically off the mark.

These are, however, only drawings. We hope that when the homes are completed the architectural genius will become obvious. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

[Link: Carlsbad Beachwalk]

Reader July 11, 2007 at 5:18 pm

Just got done reading your story and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind posting on this site your background and credentials in architecture and design including professional experience as well as educational. I’m a bit new to this development business and am seeking all the Expert guidance that I can. I was also hoping that your vast background and knowledge in this field would furhter clarify why you would make such an scathing statements as “With no real balance or congruity of line” and “it is sad that this project is so aesthetically off the mark”. Thanks very much, I look forward to your guidance.

Joe July 13, 2007 at 12:06 am

It’s doesn’t take a design degree to take one look and say, “this is ugly”.

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