KITT Lived Quietly In Carlsbad For Years

by The Editors on August 20, 2008

Large 08.20.08-A-Knight-Rider

Sadly, one of the two remaining KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) cars from 80s TV show Knight Rider has been in a Carlsbadistan storage facility for years and we never knew anything about it.

In a story on Staten Island Live about the car making a guest appearance at a car audio store next week we learned the following. . .

The car also had a brush with real-life drama. . . . Before Barris reclaimed the car, which he had worked on during the series, it belonged to Greenwich, Conn., real estate mogul and car collector Andrew Kissel, who was stabbed to death in his basement in 2005. Kissel had never picked the car up from a storage facility in Carlsbad, Calif. . . . KITT is now on its way to Staten Island from California, traveling by truck.

Oh, KITT. If we’d only know. How lonely you must have been all this time. And now, you’re gone. . .

[Link: Staten Island Live]

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