The Steel Forest For the Trees

by The Editors on June 27, 2007

347018 500A-Singer-BristleconeOn our list of strange Carlsbad-based businesses, NatureMaker ranks pretty high up there. The company builds what they call “steel art trees.” And that’s exactly what they are: steel welded into the shapes of natural, realistic trees. Their most recent piece was designed for the atrium of an incredible well-designed “San Diego County home” titled The Oldest Living Bristlecone Pine.

The intricate hand-carving, hand-painting, and scenic aging of the gnarled trunk and weathered limbs accurately reflect the struggle of bristlecone pines to grow in the harsh high mountain climate and barren soil of the Sierras and Rocky Mountains. “This is our way of showing that despite the daily assault on our fragile ecology, Nature as force and timeless energy will surely prevail,” says Gary Hanick, president of NatureMaker.

Maybe someday we’ll get to see this tree in person. . .

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