Westfield Pissed At New Oceanside Mall

by The Editors on October 24, 2008

Westfield, the Australian retail property owner that operates the Westfield Plaza Camino Real Mall in Carlsbad has submitted an appeal to the City of Oceanside City Council attempting to reverse their approval of Thomas Enterprises‘ proposed 950,000 square foot mall “on a 92-acre site near Highway 76 between Foussat Road and Mission Avenue,” according to a story in the San Diego Business Journal.

The appeal states that Westfield has substantial concerns about the legal sufficiency of the final environmental impact report certified by the city’s planning commission. . . . It contends that the document does not provide adequate information and understates the impacts of traffic, air quality, noise, water quality and biological resources.

Right. A mall developer is concerned about the “environmental impact” of a competitor’s property. How thoughtful of them. Seems that with an increasingly empty mall in Carlsbad that Westfield would focus a little more attention on building value on their own property rather than trying to stop competition in Oceanside.

[Link: San Diego Business Journal]

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