Police Chase Ends In Madison St. Crash

by The Editors on March 11, 2009

Mar061109 20

The driver of a brown Toyota Corolla with a male and female as passengers took Carlsbad Police on a chase through Barrio Carlsbad this afternoon just after 2 PM (March 11, 2009). The chase ended in the 3300 block of Madison St. when the Corolla collided head-on with a Carlsbad Police car. As a result of the crash one neighbor’s red Ford Ranger truck ended up on its in his front yard.

“The police car crashed into the car they were chasing,” said one neighbor. “I didn’t even hear any sirens or anything then a guy came running through my neighbors yard and right through mine. The police drew their guns on him and he laid down saying something about being on parole. .”

The driver was taken away by police, the male passenger who had outstanding warrants was taken in for processing, and the female was being held at the scene.

Here’s what San Diego 6 had to say about the accident. Or the San Diego Union Tribune.

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