Carlsbad Police vs. Skateboarders

by The Editors on March 31, 2009

Mar3109 58

Two skateboarders and a photographer were trying to get a little work done on Oak Ave. across from the Carlsbad Village Inn this afternoon around 2 PM and had barely gotten their lighting set-up before they were literally swarmed by Carlsbad Police Officers: three cars and a motorcycle responded to this crime (man-on-man coverage?).

The polite and cooperative skateboarders were told to put their hands behind their backs, told to spread their legs and then each of them were patted down, told to sit with their hands in their laps and then asked for their IDs. We do not believe any of the officers even saw either of the guys actually rolling on their skateboards.

While we’re happy that Carlsbadistan’s finest are so quick on the response, we kind of wish that conscientious, working skateboarders were given a little less vigorous treatment. Maybe simply being asked to leave by one officer would have been more appropriate. But then, that’s just us, and we probably know too much about Carlsbadistan’s importance in skateboarding history to really understand the reality of skateboarding behind a crime in our city.

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