Zombie Pizza Feeds The iPhone Hunger

by The Editors on October 3, 2009

Zombie PizzaCarlsbadistan’s favorite local iPhone applications developer Appy Entertainment has just released its newest game, Zombie Pizza for the iPhone.

The basic premise of the game is that flesh eating Zombies have taken over. As a player you have managed to become an apprentice pizza chef whose main goal is to keep the hungry zombies at bay with your pies.

Make the brain, stomach, and other body part covered creations fast enough and the zombies will stay full and leave your corpus intact. Take too long, and you become the lunch instead of the pizza.

Zombie pizza is a light hearted, easy to play, addictive game that has been a hit with the kids as well the adults. The progressively challenging, and funnier levels keep the attention for more than the first round. At 99 cents it’s a bargain and easy to throw on the iPhone for some quick entertainment. Thanks Appy!

[Link: Zombie Pizza]

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