Carlsbad Carwash Shut Down By State

by The Editors on November 4, 2009

Anthony DeSantis, who’s car washing business Waxx It Automotive Detailing, Inc. has been located to next Hoehn Motors in Car Country Carlsbad for 16 years is “appalled” that the State of California shut him down and fined him $10,000 last week according to a story on San Diego News Network.

Waxx It Automotive Detailing Inc. was among 18 car washes and auto detailing businesses in San Diego County and 103 statewide fined a total of nearly $1 million for failing to register their businesses or other employee labor violations, the California Labor Commissioner’s Office announced Monday. . . Waxx It’s owner, Anthony DeSantis, said he told inspectors he was never notified he had to be registered and was given no chance to remedy the situation. “I’m just appalled right now,” DeSantis said.

With the current economic conditions it would see the State would have more important things to do than go after small businessmen? Then again, the State does need the money. For more of DeSantis’ side of the story click here.

[Link: San Diego News Network, North County Times, and Waxx It Inc.]

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Jon Wantz November 5, 2009 at 6:36 am

The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce and City Council need to investigate this situation, and if there are wrongdoings by the state, need to step in and help Mr. DeSantis plead his case.

I am not saying that he is correct, because I do not have all of the details of what went on. But he is a small business owner in Carlsbad and if he has been unjustly targeted, he deserves to have his city back him up.

Jon Wantz

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