Carlsbad Gives 16 Art Grants

by The Editors on December 18, 2009

The City of Carlsbadistan has awarded $25,000 arts grants to 16 different groups, according to a Barbara Henry story in the North County Times.

“It used to be the maximum grant amount was $1,000, and they moved it up to $1,200,” Peter Gordon, the city’s cultural arts manager, said Thursday.The recipient are selected by a committee that includes two members of the city’s arts commission and three people with expertise in the arts business. . . Recipients are selected based on several factors. For example, their projects must be Carlsbad-based, Gordon said. . . “Even if there’s an outside artist, (that person) has to partner with a Carlsbad group,” he said.

For the entire list of recipients click the link.

[Link: North County Times]

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