Carlsbadistan Residents Not As Stoked

by The Editors on January 26, 2010

According to a new study commissioned by the City of Carlsbad the “number of Carlsbad residents happy with the job their city is doing dipped slightly last year,” according to a Barbara Henry story in the North County Times.

The number of people who described themselves as confident in their city government declined for the third year straight, Williams said. In 2007, the confidence figure was 79 percent, while in 2009 it came in at 74 percent. . . Williams said he expects Carlsbad residents’ recent dissatisfaction is due in large part to the national economic recession. There’s also “a frustration with government in general,” he said. . . It’s something he has seen in surveys in other California communities of late, he added.

Fine, but we think it’s because the City Council refuses to build a swimming pool and a skateboard park. Just think how happy everyone would be with just two simple additions.

[Link: North County Times]

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Jon Wantz January 26, 2010 at 9:45 am

I could have told everyone the exact same thing without wasting money to have 1000 people called.

Polling residents is always a good idea, but every year seems a bit much given that the results have maintained status quo or thereabout.

A city job could be saved or another one added with the money that is spent on this.

Just a thought……

Jon Wantz
Candidate for Carlsbad City Council

Green January 28, 2010 at 12:02 am

The $ to build Alga Norte Park & Pools has been approved by voters and set aside for y-e-a-r-s. Lewis/Hall/Packard claim the citizens might not use it enough to pay for running it. That makes 3 people in Carlsbad who believe that.

Think back to April of last year and the hundreds of Alga Norte supporters who showed up! Not one solitary person showed up in opposition…not one. The only detractors were Lewis/Hall/Packard!

If the City Council would vote to put it out for bids and move ahead –as they are bound to do by the citizens’ vote –they would save taxpayer money which could be put aside in a rainy day fund to ease their nerves.

Lewis/Hall/Packard are obviously weary of the criticism for The Crossings, making them reluctant to risk another project, immobilized to do the right thing about Alga Norte. But there’s a big difference between a luxury golf course and a public park with pool complex and skatepark. Demand for all elements of Alga Norte is high. When it is built, that City Council and that Mayor will be hailed as heroes. Carlsbad will sing their praises. It will even help some people forgive and forget about The Crossings.

Beyond recreation, this is a life and death matter. When kids have inadequate access to swim lessons, the result will eventually be tragic. Maybe we need some EMTs and emergency room professionals to remind the Council what and who is at stake.

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