Carlsbadistan’s Reckless Lexus

by The Editors on February 4, 2010

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On the morning of February 4, 2010 at approximately 3 AM a Lexus driving northbound on Garfield slammed into this Isuzu Rodeo in the 3400 block (and knocked it up almost completely off the street and onto the grass). The Lexus then left the scene. Nice, huh?

A couple things: If you know someone with a Lexus who oddly enough damaged the entire right side of their car recently (or you just noticed that your Lexus is damaged). Please call the Carlsbadistan Police Department and let them know. Secondly, if you’re going to drink, don’t drive. And if you’re going to drink and drive please do it somewhere else. Garfield has had enough wrecked cars lately thanks to your stupidity.

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Jon Wantz February 5, 2010 at 6:17 am

A car was hit out in front of my house on Garfield last weekend by a late model red beetle.

When are the police going to see that this street is the “go-to” street when people are driving home drunk, because they know they won’t get caught.

This picture is the 4th accident I’ve seen on Garfield in the past month. AND It’s not that long of a street!

Let’s clean it up CBad.

Alfredo February 5, 2010 at 1:46 pm

People use GARFIELD St. as a race track like its PCH a block away. almost every car that drives down the street is speeding. The 20 mile an hour dip I witness Daily people flying at least 40 and swerving to the outer edges if the dip in order to go faster through it. Couldn’t the city put in speed bumps? I know there is the emergency services dilemma of not being able to respond fast. BUT why do other places and communities have speed bumps? there is fire depts in every community.

The response time to this “hit and run” was about 10 minutes by carlsbad PD. ( this wasn’t a “skimming of the side of the car, this was a full force, no brakes collision that sent the car 10 feet forward and 3 feet onto the greenbelt jumping a curb)
seems like a LONG time (the assailant was out still driving around because he left the scene) considering in my 2 decades of living in Carlsbad i have seen them respond in Droves in seconds to a transient that has a water bottle with vodka in it passively drinking in the park. I was amazed HOW LONG it took the normal expedient police force. Don’t get me wrong I love the CPD. great department. My taxes well spent.
The car ( lexus bumber parts left at the scene) had water /coolant leaking out of it trailing its course after impact. did the police trail the coolant to find the person responsible?
Sad thing is it will take someone dying due to a accident for the city to do something. there are ALOT of pedestrians on the sidewalks of Garfield St EVEN @ 3 AM COMING BACK FROM THE BARS!!( I GUESS IT TAKES A WHILE TO WALK HOME WHEN YOU ARE WASTED…IT MUST)

My thoughts are exactly the same for the DANGEROUS pedestrian crosswalks on CARLSBAD BLVD ( PCH). Why hasn’t the city with great tax revenue put in flashing LED crosswalk lights in the pavement like the communities of San Clemente, Laguna Beach etc.? Till someone gets hit and dies ( i have almost been killed and watched many people almost get killed not to mention the many Auto VS. pedestrian collisions that have happened in that 10 block stretch) will they have to do something. Does it take a “life” to get preventative maintenance action?
Please CARLSBAD- do something about these on going hazards. Before me or my children get killed.Or some Drunk IDIOT totals my car.
FYI it was that ( inches) close…feel my worry??

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