Elliot Caine Quintet Lulls Carlsbadistan

by The Editors on August 10, 2007


Show us a sunny, blue-sky evening in Carlsbadistan and we’ll show you winter. We don’t know if it was the overcast ummer skies, the second week in this venue, or the smooth jazz stylings of Elliot Caine and his horn, but tonight in the Pine Avenue Park things were perfectly snoozy. The crowd was happy, yet subdued, and the only place with much action was in the play structures on stage left where all our kids were jamming.

It’s nice when TGIF Jazz in the Park comes to Carlsbadistan. Gone are the suburban Stagecoach Park crowds, the parking hassles, and instead real Carlsbad out for an evening of cool jazz in the park. . . even if the sky was clouded over. Follow the link for the rest of the photos.


The enthralling stage presence of the Elliot Caine Quintet.


And on drums. . . we don’t know.


Could he be the TGIF all-time attendance record holder? We’d bet on it.


A small part of the crowd. Is that you?


Carlsbadistan thanks the TGIF clean-up crew for picking up after all of us. Especially you, Mr. Double Thumbs Up.

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