McClellan-Palomar To Close Every Other Week

by The Editors on May 11, 2010

Feb09 13

Carlsbadistan’s McClellan-Palomar Airport will be closed this week while workers repair 5,000 feed of runway, according to a story on It appears that some recent tests showed that “the existing runway could collapse” which is never good.

Renovations on the 5,000 foot runway began late Sunday night. The airport will be closed for one week to renovate 5,000 feet of runway at McClellan-Palomar airport. . . Officials said the project will be completed in five phases, which each phase taking one week, while the airport will reopen every other week to allow for normal operations.

That means the airport will be closed every other week for 10 weeks. Isn’t summer a really high traffic time for Carlsbadistan? Guess those who fly every other week are stoked.

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