Encina Power Station Forced To Stop Killing Fish

by The Editors on May 11, 2010

Low Tide13-1Last week the California State Water Resources Control Board voted to protect sea life by phasing out “once-through cooling for seaside power plants” like Carlsbadistan’s iconographic Encina Power Station because the process “kills more than 2.6 million fish and 19 billion fish larvae annually,” according to a story in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

“It will have the result of retiring a very high portion of the coastal, once-through cooled power plants,” said Steve Hoffmann, regional president for NRG Energy, which owns the Carlsbad facility. . . “We have to conform with this new water policy by the end of 2017,” Hoffmann said. “We either have to put in closed-loop cooling, or we have to have a way of screening marine life from our intake, which is technically very difficult.”

Maybe they could just dismantle the entire plant and ship it to Arizona. . . leaving the tower, of course. . .

[Link: San Diego Union-Tribune]

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