Amazing Creations At The Carlsbad Art Farm

by The Editors on July 7, 2010

Kris With Session Three Painting Class 2010

A crew of budding artists shows off their work after a week at the Carlsbad Art Farm, according to a post on the school’s blog.

During the week, students learn to sketch animals; color mix using a limited pallet; how to block in their subject for a painting; a little about animal anatomy, and then use the colors they create on their own pallet to render their subject (in this case: a bunny, chickens and a mouse on a wheel). These students will be entering Grade 4 this fall.

The Art Farm Summer Camps are open to students entering Grades 2-8 in the fall of 2010 and run either mornings or afternoons beginning each Monday. Sign up now as there is still spots open. For more information click the link.

[Link: Carlsbad Art Farm]

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