Lightning Bolts All Over The Place

by The Editors on September 30, 2010

Lightningbus T352When we first read the San Diego Union-Tribune’s headline “1,000 lightning strikes recorded in San Diego County” today at noon it read “800 lighting strikes recorded in San Diego County.” It appears that not only is someone keeping track of the number of lighting strikes, but he or she is also updating the media along the way.

There have been about 1,000 cloud-to-ground lightning strikes in and around San Diego since midnight. At least two trees were struck and set on fire. One or more lightning strikes in Kearny Mesa also knocked out the business telephone lines and disrupted some 911 calls to the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, spokesman Maurice Luque said.

We saw a lot of lighting in Carlsbadistan this afternoon, but more than than it was the house-shaking, car-alarm-triggering thunder that seemed to shake us out of our rainy afternoon haze. It sounded like Camp Pendleton’s Zulu explosives detonation range had moved next door.

While the thunder may have scared the kids and caused a few dogs to hide under the couch, it was entertaining. In a place where weather is considered by many to be the most boring on the planet, it was fun to have something to revel in for at least a few minute this afternoon.

[Link: San Diego Union-Tribune Photo: Susan Coppock]

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