Witch Creek Winery’s Groupon Deal

by The Editors on October 13, 2010

Witch-Creek-WineryCarlsbadistan’s Witch Creek Winery currently has a deal on the dogpiling bargain site Groupon.com. The current offer is $35 worth of wine and wine tastings for $15 (5-7 in store tastings). Not bad at all.

The way Groupon works is that a deal is presented to the public, along with a minimum number of buyers required to turn the deal live. If that “tipping point” is not reached, then no one buys anything. If the minimum is reached, then the deal goes live and everyone gets a piece of the discount.

In Witch Creek’s case they said they’d only do the bargain if 100 people bought in. And buy in they did. So far it appears that Witch Creek has sold 630 of their $15 wine deals. Seems to be working quite alright.

[Link: Groupon.com]

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