Can I Get a Witness?

by The Editors on August 27, 2007


On July 5, 2007 we told you about an accident involving a City of Carlsbad truck and a white motorcycle at the intersection of Tamarack and Jefferson streets (click here for story and photos). Now one of the people involved is seeking witnesses to the accident and they have placed a flyer on a Eucalyptus Tree on Tamarack. Here’s what it says:

Looking for witnesses to an accident that occurred on July 5th around 2:26 PM. . . Please call 760-822-3965. Your help is greatly appreciated.

The photo would suggest that someone may have run a red light. Now it sounds like exactly who that was is up for debate. If you saw the accident, please give the number a call: (760) 822-3965. And here’s a photo if you don’t remember.


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Regis Weber August 28, 2007 at 8:22 pm

This intersection is anarchy, especially drivers coming southbound on Jefferson. They run the red lights and don’t yield when turning left. I come northbound on Jefferson in the morning, and if I use my right turn signal, the left-turning cars coming southbound will turn left in front of me and even turn into the right lane of westbound Tamarack.

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