A Total Eclipse of the Moon

by The Editors on August 27, 2007


Sorry about the short notice, but tomorrow morning (August 28) starting at 12:53 AM the moon will begin its trip into the shadow created by the earth. By 3:37 AM the moon will be completely eclipsed. The good news is that Carlsbadistan is one of the epic locations to watch the entire event. Here’s what NASA has to say:

All of North America will witness some portion of the eclipse, but western observers are favored. The early penumbral or umbral phases will be in progress at moonset for observers in Maritime Canada. From the eastern USA, the Great Lakes region and Ontario, the Moon sets in total eclipse. Only observers to the west of the Rockies (including Alaska) will be treated to the entire event.

If we’re up (which we doubt) we’ll try and snap a photo. All the Monday night revelers might want to stay up a little longer after stumbling home from Dini’s and check it out from the sea wall.

[Link: NASA]

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