Something Wrong At The Lossings?

by The Editors on November 21, 2010

Thelossings-Tm-Tm-1It doesn’t take a professional to know that something is terribly wrong with Carlsbadistan’s The Lossings at Carlsbad golf course. But the City apparently hired one anyway. And according to a Barbara Henry story in the North County Times that consultant discovered some problems.

“It’s a difficult golf course to play. The design is very severe,” Sunrise Golf consulting company President Mark Tansey said at a Carlsbad City Council workshop TuesdayIn an interview Friday, Tansey said several holes along the back stretch of the course are extremely tough for the average golfer. The holes have multiple “forced carry” points where golfers must hit their balls over hazards and can lose those balls if their shots fail. . . . Add fairways with slope issues and the bad visibility from some hole tee-off points, and you’ve got some very frustrated golfers, he said.

Apparently, $75 million just doesn’t buy the same quality golf course that it used to. It’s difficult for many to remain calm when discussing the horrific theft of public moneys that is The Lossings. How City Council members who voted for the golf course can in the same breath discuss a “coming public employee compensation disaster” is completely astounding. At this point we’d probably all be better off if the City sold the clubhouse to a chain restaurant, closed the golf course, and turned the land into a public park that everyone could enjoy without having to pay $80.

[Link: North County Times]

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