Carlsbad’s Parks & Trails To Open With Rules

by The Editors on May 1, 2020

You know all that yellow tape that’s been reminding us that the trails, beaches and parks are all closed? Well, thanks to a unanimous vote by the Carlsbad City Council it’s all coming down on Monday, May 4, 2020. At a special City Council meeting on Friday, May 1, 2020 the City of Carlsbad voted to open our parks, trails, and (with some help from the State of California) maybe even our beaches (with some serious limitations).

For all the details, including all the dos and don’ts, please follow the jump.

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Carlsbadistan Up To 12 COVID Cases

by The Editors on May 1, 2020

After 14 days of no new COVID-19 cases in all of Carlsbad, we’re now up to a total of 54 cases and three of those are from right here in the 92008. Wish we had more info on exactly where they are and how the exposures happened. Either way, we hope everyone stays home, and gets well soon!

[Link: SD County COVID Tracker]


We watched most of the meeting. Keith Blackburn and Mayor Matt Hall are ready to open, while Cori Schumacher and Priya Bhat-Patel pressed for more analysis and maybe a bit more of a plan, since this really is a life or death situation.

Here’s what the city sent out following the meeting:

The Carlsbad City Council voted Saturday to keep its beach, parks and trails closed for now and hold a special City Council meeting May 1 to review plans for a phased reopening. The County of San Diego’s public health order is in effect until May 1.

The specific topics of the May 1 meeting will include city parks and trails as well as the city-owned golf course and the three-quarter of a mile stretch of beach north of Oak Avenue.

The six miles of Carlsbad’s coastline controlled by California State Parks also remain closed, and city officials said they would like to coordinate the opening of all beaches in Carlsbad at the same time.

On Friday, April 24, the County of San Diego announced it would lift the restrictions on going into the ocean starting Monday, but left it up to the cities and State Parks to decide whether to open the beaches. 

County requirements

County public officials have said they will consider allowing parks to reopen for passive activities such as walking, jogging and bicycling once cities complete and submit to the county a protocol template for each park as to how public health protections will be addressed. The same template applies to beaches. Requirements include:

Post signs about maintaining a 6 foot distance from those not in the same household and not entering the park if you have a fever or cough.

Wear face coverings if you are within 6-feet of someone not in your household.

No gathering except for people from the same household.

“Social Distancing and Sanitation Protocol” to be posted at each entry to the park.

Minimum of one employee must be present at each park to monitor compliance.

All employees shall receive temperature screening prior to each shift and shall not be allowed to work if employee’s temperature is 100 degrees or higher.

Break rooms, bathrooms and other common areas shall be disinfected at least every two hours.

At a minimum, close off every other parking space.

Keep playgrounds, community centers and gyms closed.

At a minimum, limit use of courts and fields to members of the same household.

Golf courses and trails

The county also has provided templates for trails and golf courses.


Support Witt’s With Carlsbad Pipelines Vans

by The Editors on April 23, 2020

As part of Vans global COVID-19 plans that have partnered with local shops around the world to build custom, limited edition Vans shoes with net proceeds going to the local shop.

Isn’t it our luck that Witt of Carlsbad Pipelines, Tony Hawk, and Grant Brittain have been friends for years and have created an amazing Carlsbad shoe for those luckily enough to get a pair. To buy a pair directly from Vans (and money going to Witt’s Carlsbad Pipeline, please click the link.

[Link: Vans/Carlsbad Pipelines]


Church and Club Provide For Families In Need

by The Editors on April 21, 2020

With their normal operations on pause, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Carlsbad are going above and beyond to still take care of their communities.

“This is a steep learning curve for me, because social distancing is the polar opposite of what the Club is all about,” said Village Clubhouse Director Abby Snyder. “Our job typically is to nurture and love huge groups of children. Now we’re pivoting to provide not only emotional nourishment, but daily meals for families in need.”

Even though the Club was mandated to shut its doors in mid-March, it has provided daily hot meals to its members and their families. And as COVID19 takes its toll, Abby discovered that many families could use more than just one meal a day.

That’s where Daybreak Church stepped up. “I was walking in the Village and ran into Abby, and she shared the good work the Club is doing,” said Daybreak’s Jeff Myers, Director of Operations. “Our church was looking for a way to positively impact our community, to shine a light. Our congregation jumped on the opportunity to help.”

And help they did. Over 4000 pounds – 531 bags – of groceries and toiletries were collected and distributed to about 100 local families via a continuous line of cars that snaked around the block for hours last Friday. Abby hopes to continue to hand out food to needy families each Friday, and she estimates she has enough to last the next five weeks.

“It’s not just about a meal or a loaf of bread, it’s about connection,” states Abby.  “We thank Daybreak Church for their amazing contribution, and making it possible to fulfill a real need!”

“It’s best to partner with great people and organizations,” added Jeff. “It enhances the impact, and it feels good to know that we were able to put food on the table for some Carlsbad families. All of us at Daybreak hope we can continue to work together to do make a positive difference in our community.”

If you would like to help by donating food or other supplies, please contact Abby Snyder at or call 760.517.8955.

Daybreak Church is located at 6515 Ambrosia Lane in Carlsbad. For more information please contact


Where To Eat in The Village

by The Editors on March 25, 2020


The Carlsbad Village Association has created a great list of restaurants in the Village that are open and providing curbside pickup (some also offer delivery) as a response to the latest public health order closing restaurants for in-room table dining. This situation is very fluid. Please call individual businesses for updated hours and ordering information.

If you know of a restaurant that is open and is not listed on this page, please email or text 760-644-2121. For all the info, please follow the jump.

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Senior Grubby’s Keeps Carlsbad Fed

by The Editors on March 24, 2020

Checking in with Senior Grubby’s Justin Juchura (maker of our favorite Carlsbad Fish Tacos) to see what they’re doing to keep people fed, while the quarantine continues. If you need to pick up food (and drinks), here’s one of the places in the Village where you can.


Carlsbad Suspends in-person Services

by The Editors on March 18, 2020

The City of Carlsbad will temporarily suspend all in-person services in response to today’s San Diego County public health order to slow the spread of COVID-19. A special City Council meeting will be held at 4:15 p.m. Tuesday, March 17, to declare a local emergency.

The city has been planning its COVID-19 response for the past six weeks and is ready to manage essential city services that protect the health and welfare of the community. 

Effective Monday, March 16 at 5 p.m. all city libraries and Tuesday, March 17, at 7 a.m., all city buildings will temporarily be closed to the public. City employees will continue to work, maintaining a 6-foot distance between each other and following all other health guidelines. 

Although many city employees are affected by the COVID-19 emergency due to child care and other personal needs, the city has arranged options to help all who can work to carry on either in person or remotely. 
Among the facilities affected are:

  • Libraries
  • Senior Center (M-F meal service for those 60 and older will continue outside on a pickup basis and by delivery)
  • Community centers, aquatic centers and all parks buildings except restrooms
  • Faraday Administration Center
  • City Hall

Many city services can be accessed online or by phone. The city will have a list of these on a special website set up on Tuesday, March 17 for the ongoing COVID-19 response.

City parks and trails will remain open to the public, and park restrooms will be open and accessible during operating hours. Additional maintenance will be conducted to clean, disinfect and stock restrooms. The city has also placed handwashing stations in community locations. 

Other guidance and directions issued by the county today include:

  • Those 65 and older and people with underlying health conditions should stay home and avoid contact with other people.
  • Residential care facilities like nursing homes may not allow visitors except in end of life circumstances.
  • No events, public or private, will be permitted with over 50 people. Any non-essential gatherings of any size are discouraged.
  • All bars, nightclubs, breweries and wineries must close that don’t serve food.
  • Restaurants may only do delivery and pickup.
  • Schools may not hold classes in person.
  • Nonessential personnel prohibited from health care and long term care facilities.
  • Hospital and labs shall report all COVID results to county health officer
  • Businesses will implement social distancing, telecommuting and additional cleaning. 
  • All businesses will suspend policies and procedures requiring a doctor’s note for employees to take advantage of sick time.
  • Those exhibiting symptoms shall isolate themselves until seeking medical treatment.
  • Quarantine orders for all those traveling from COVID-19 impacted countries.

For more information about the City of Carlsbad’s COVID-19 response and other related information, please visit


The Land & Water Co. Shuts Off

by The Editors on October 17, 2019

Chef Rob Ruiz shut down his The Land & Water Co. restaurant in the old Twin Inn building of the Village Faire shopping center in Carlsbad on October 12, 2019 with little notice to customers, according to a story on Pacific San Diego.

The closure of Land & Water came as a surprise to diners, who learned via Instagram and Facebook on Saturday morning that Oct. 12 would be its last day of business. He was gratified by the large turnout of customers who showed up in the final days to see the restaurant off.

The story makes no mention of why the restaurant closed on such short notice, or what will move into the space now that Ruiz is gone. We have friends who loved Ruiz’s culinary exploits, however, we never made it in to try it ourselves. Guess now we never will. But don’t worry  The Charles Kenneth speakeasy is still rolling along downstairs. For more on Ruiz and what else he has planned in San Diego, please click the link.

[Link: Pacific San Diego]


Carlsbad High Students Produce Oneirataxia

by The Editors on September 17, 2019

Back:​ Cassie Nesbit, Evan Boda, Travis Kramer, Kathryn Yi, Bella EdelmanFront: ​Maddy McCarthy, Sachi Stewart, Marina Kenat, Dublin-Ireland Villa, Aly SutherlandNot pictured:​ Kobe Cowell, Sierra Benosa, Jason Guerrero, Cinjun Chiniquay
The student production club at Carlsbad High School are pleased to announce their second student run production Oneirataxia.

Following their “Love is Blind: A Spoken-Word Play,” “Oneirataxia” functions as the first official collaborative work of “Student Production Club,” a club dedicated to empowering students to write, direct, and act in their own theatrical and cinematic productions annually. The “Oneirataxia” production and Student Production Club work hand-in-hand to provide a platform for creative student expression. . . In a creativity-deprived world, any ounce of opposition is crushed immediately by “remediating” forces. When Beta is sent to the Eldritch Institute for the Misguided, she and her group of friends must escape the institute or else face death. In this hard-hitting piece highlighting the misuses of modern-day conformity, the gang discovers that changing the world will require some sacrifices.

The show runs October 10-12, 2019. For more information and to buy tickets click here.

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