Winter’s Children Invade Carlsbadistan

by The Editors on December 3, 2008

Warren+Miller+Children+Of+Winter+LogoFor the past 59 years Warren Miller movies have signaled the official start of winter for skiers around the world. On December 14, 2008 the newest in the Miller fanchise Children of Winter hits the Carlsbad Village Theatre for two shows (4 and 7 PM).

When it’s cold and snowing, others run inside. But skiers and snowboarders do the opposite, no matter how old we are,” said Max Bervy, director and producer. “We are all the Children of Winter, and if you ski or ride, this movie reaffirms what we all know, that we’re lucky to know the shortest, coldest days of the year.”

The film will be the same old movie we’ve all seen year after year, however this time around it’s narrated by former Olympic freestyle skier Jonny Mosley from a dazzlingly hilarious script by Micah Abrams. That plus all the free give-a-ways and it’s about as close as we get to a snowy winter night in Carlsbadistan. Click here for more information and to buy tickets.

Children of Winter shows December, 2008, 4:00 and 7:00 PM at the Village Theater, 2822 State St.


Vestal Surf Movie Premiere Tonight

by The Editors on June 21, 2008

Sorry, kids, As usual this one is 21 and over.

[Link: Hensley’s Flying Elephant Pub]


Carlsbad Film Legend Dies

by The Editors on April 22, 2008

As an assistant director Carlsbad’s Jack Roe helped create some of Hollywood’s best loved films. Sadly, he died April 6, 2008 of heart failure, according to a story in Variety.

A celebration of life will be held at 1 p.m. Sunday, April 27 at El Camino Country Club, 3202 Vista Way, Oceanside. Born in Omaha, Neb., Roe served in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War. . . . After joining the Director’s Guild in 1963, he worked as a assistant director on films such as Funny Girl, Paint Your Wagon, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, The Sunshine Boys, The Bad News Bears, Silver Streak, The Goodbye Girl, and The In-Laws.

In all he worked on more than 50 feature films. Our thoughts are with Mr. Roe’s family and friends.

[Link: Variety]


Carlsbad High’s Dachau Fieldtrip

by The Editors on April 19, 2008

Students in Doug Green’s broadcast journalism class at Carlsbad High made a Holocaust pilgrimage to Germany’s Dachau prison camp to make a documentary film.

Taking turns with three high-definition video cameras, the students captured about 25 hours of footage, including their own thoughts about the Holocaust. . . .Students will weave footage from Dachau with their interviews to produce a 45-minute documentary called “Never Again,” to be released on DVD this fall.

We’re sure this film will be interesting, however, we can say that Holocaust documentaries aren’t something we look forward to seeing.

[Link: San Diego Union-Tribune]

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Queen & Deep Purple At La Costa 6

by The Editors on April 19, 2008

Queen ConThe seminal rock band Queen only captured one of their concerts on film. And that was in November of 1981 when Under Pressure was topping charts in the UK and stopped off in Montreal Canada on the way home from Japan.

Now, Queen fans will get to relive (or in our case, see for the first time) that concert in it’s “digitally restored” and “newly mixed and mastered in DTS Surround Sound” glory on Monday night, April 28, 2008 at the La Costa 6 Cinemas in a “pure digital” presentation of Queen & Deep Purple.

Always a great live band, with arguable the greatest frontman of all time in Freddie Mercury, they excelled themselves with the cameras rolling.

It’s one night only and tickets are $10. Having never seen Queen, we think this might be the next best thing, and no one is required to sit through Deep Purple.

[Link: UltraStar Cinemas]


Fassler The Theater Parking Wrassler

by The Editors on November 28, 2007

Kurt Fassler, 28, who is being charged with “assault and causing great bodily injury” after allegedly beating John Travers over a parking spot at the La Costa 6 UltraStar Cinema in Carlsbad last June has plead “not guilty”, according to a story in The Coast News.

How it all started? Apparently, Fassler’s wife Rita was trying to save an open parking spot by standing in it and blocking entry to the Travers’ as they attempted to pull in. One witness, Brent Van Der Linden said that Rita Fassler jumped into the spot only after Travers’ car was already pulling in:

He said they made it about three feet before Rita Fassler appeared in the spot with her hand held up to say, “Stop.” Van Der Linden said she began making a “dramatic” play for the spot by lunging forward onto the Travers’ hood. “She said, ‘You tried to hit me, why did you try to run me over?”’ Van Der Linden testified.

Rita later reportedly screamed: “Wait till my husband gets here and beats the s—t out of you.” In the reported attack that followed Travers was knocked unconscious, and then beaten while he was on the ground causing him to lose teeth and need repeated surgeries.

What the story fails to mention is the title of the movie that was so important to the Fasslers. Our guess? Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End.

[Link: The Coast News]


Free Buster Keaton Films At the Library

by The Editors on October 10, 2007

BusterkeatonBuster Keaton’s grandson Robert Keaton will be on hand October 17, 24, and 31 as the Carlsbad City Library presents a free Buster Keaton film series.

The film lineup includes: The Navigator on October 17, Go West on October 24 and “Speak Easily” on October 31. All screenings begin at 6pm and will feature a special pre-show introduction and post-show question-and-answer with Robert Keaton.

On October 17 and 24 pianist Bryan Verhoye will perform a live soundtrack for the films. The Library features the Carlsbad Film Series the last three Wednesdays of every month. Follow the link for all the details.
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Geena Davis Auctions Old Clothes In Carlsbad

by The Editors on September 25, 2007

Index 03Oscar winner Geena Davis (star of Thema and Louise) will be at the Four Seasons Aviara in Carlsbad on Thursday September 27 to host a $75 a person “celebrity luncheon and auction” to raise money for SJ Los Angeles an organization that urges that “the entertainment industry, parents, and the general public recognize the need for gender balance and varied portrayals in the overall universe of kids’ entertainment.”

Okay, so she’s not raising money to cure cancer, but if you want to buy one of the dresses she or Sharon Stone wore once in a Hollywood movie (and who doesn’t ) then click here for tickets.

[Link: SJ Los Angeles]


The Guilty Generation at Leo Carrillo

by The Editors on August 30, 2007


On Friday evening August 31 the Leo Carrillo Ranch Friday Night Film Festival will present the 1931 film Guilty Generation which follows 1930’s era gangsters in a premise based William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. In this film, Leo Carrillo plays Mike Palmiero.

John Smith is a young architect who changed his name from Marco Ricca when he realized that being a notorious bootlegger’s son was not likely to help his career. Maria Palmiero’s father is also a bootlegger, and she’s finding that the high society circles she wants to move in are not very welcoming to her. Naturally, John and Maria’s fathers are waging a brutal gang war back in New York, and naturally John and Maria fall in love.

Bring a low back chair, warm clothes, a flashlight, and a blanket. The movie starts promptly at sunset with a showing of the Cisco Kid before the main feature. Admission is free and hot dogs, chips, popcorn, cotton candy, and sodas can be purchased at the Barn Theater.

The next two Fridays will feature the following films: If You Could Only Cook, and I Promise to Pay.

[Link: Friends of Carrillo Ranch]


Leo Carrillo Friday Night Film Festival

by The Editors on August 22, 2007

The Leo Carrillo Ranch Friday Night Film Festival continues this Friday August 24 with a showing of the 1929 classic Mr. Antonio. In this film, Leo Carrillo plays Antonio Camaradino.

In this romance, an organ grinder falls in love with a corrupt mayor’s daughter. The mayor, worried that the organ grinder will reveal his knowledge of the politician’s illegal activities, does all he can to persuade the organ grinder that the girl is not interested in him, but the intrepid street performer is not dissuaded.

Bring a low back chair, warm clothes, a flashlight, and a blanket. The movie starts promptly at sunset with a showing of the Cisco Kid before the main feature. Admission is free and hot dogs, chips, popcorn, cotton candy, and sodas can be purchased at the Barn Theater.

The next three Fridays will feature the following films: Guilty Generation, If You Could Only Cook, and I Promise to Pay.

[Link: The City of Carlsbad]