After A Short Splashing The Art Came To Life

by The Editors on September 22, 2007

As  Semic

[Click HERE for all the photos] Today around noon the “big winter storm” that had been forecasted began loading up some clouds off shore with close to six water spouts. The clouds moved on shore just in time for Carlsbad’s Art Splash on Armada Drive behind the Flower Fields. Though it rained for about 20 minutes, it was not enough to slow any of the dedicated chalk artists .

We lost a little in the rain, but it wasn’t bad, ” said Eugenia Bizzaro as she and her husband Blane worked under the bright sunlight.

As BizzaroShe and Blane (Bizzaro Creations) are artists who take this transitory art form very seriously.

“This is a true art form pasted on from generation to generation,” Virginia said. “It’s great for the kids to watch and learn because the way school art programs keep getting cut back these days kids rarely get to see artists at work. That’s why we are here. We want to encourage kids to be more interested in art.”

Several thousand people enjoyed the first day of the two day event. While there wasn’t that much chalk art to see today, there were booths showing art of all mediums and style. For the completed chalk art be sure to check it out tomorrow.

Follow the link for all the photos.

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As South-1
Another perfect day for Carlsbad Art Splash. Don’t miss it tomorrow.

As Juniorcrew
The Junior Crew from El Cajon’s Rubio’s Dance Studio dropped some impressive grooves on the Art Splash crowds.

As Juniordrm
The Junior Crew rocking out.
As Crittenden
Allicia Crittenden putting in the sky what will eventually float above a white cat jumping through a field of flowers. Tomorrow it will make more sense.

As Face
The Jester of Armada Street?

As Family
Anyone who felt inspired can sign up, get chalk, and art out your own square of pavement.

As Giraffe
Lindsay Lawlor’s Electric Giraffe was taking short wobbles down the street.

As Lawlor
Lindsay Lawlor on the back of his robotic giraffe.

As Miller
Karen Miller of Lollipop face painting created masterworks of face art on anyone who wanted it.

As Officers
Carlsbadistan’s finest: Officers Riggins and Michalek both serving and protecting at Art Splash. Normally they would arrest the guy in the next photo, but here it’s all good.

As Harrison
Harrison finished up his spray can sonata. Graffiti is art, too.

As Jim
Jim and Stephanie of California Italian Ice serving up some delicious Repicci’s Real Italian Ice.

As Jschmauss
Jane Schmauss said she pulled as many people in under the awning of the California Surf Museum tent went the rain came. And luckily, everyone was okay.

As Kirt
Gerry Kirk and his Sand World International crew carving a tribute to Native Americans out of mounds of sand. This is another one of the pieces we want to check out when it’s completed.

As Shelton2
Magician Kenny Shelton dazzling the kids with amazing feats. . . and some occasional juggling.

As Stroben
Chris Stroben is the reason we got all the overview shots from the scissor lift. Thanks for the lift, Chris.

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