The Cheese Cutting Masterpiece

by The Editors on June 16, 2007


Being cheese lovers, it’s rare that we focus too closely on exactly how the cheese gets cut. Cutting the cheese is something one must do in polite company because simply biting the corner off a brand new block of roquefort just wouldn’t be polite.

We’ve done our share of nibbling off a block of Sonoma Jack while lounging poolside at the Indian Springs Resort in Calistoga, California; ripping a piece from a sourdough baguette every now and again to keep the cheese-to-bread ratio perfect, however, those days are over. Now, we will take no trip to The Valley without our new Swissmar cheese slicer from The Poached Pear at 2946 State St. in downtown Carlsbad.

This stainless steel masterpiece is 5.75″x5″ and has the deft, balanced feel of a surgical instrument. It glides through even the coldest Tillamook Cheddar like it was melting butter. Cutting the cheese has never been so much fun, nor so effortless. Seems like we’re cutting the cheese all the time now.

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