Westfield Files Lawsuit Against Oceanside

by The Editors on December 24, 2008

A while ago we mentioned the ridiculous lengths to which Westfield (the Australia-based owners Carlsbadistan’s Plaza Camino Real) would go to stop the construction of a competitor’s mall in Oceanside.

Now, they’ve gone even farther. Westfield is suing the City of Oceanside (22-pages long) claiming that the City Council did not properly review the environmental impacts of developer Thomas Enterprises‘ planned Pavillion mall on Highway 76, according to a story in the North County Times.

[Westfield] says its tenants, patrons and employees could be affected if the Pavilion alters air quality, noise or traffic. . . . The lawsuit claims that Oceanside made numerous errors in its analysis of the project, such as underestimating its possibly harmful effects on traffic, air quality, noise, water quality and air traffic. The city also should have required the developer to build a multimillion-dollar extension of Pala Road, from Foussat Road to Los Arbolitos Boulevard, the lawsuit states.

Isn’t it nice that Westfield is so interested in the environmental health of their shoppers and not at all interested in upgrading their own mall to attract quality retailers?

[Link: North County Times]

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