Pizza Port’s Real Ale Weekend

by The Editors on June 11, 2009

Pizza-Port.JpgAle will be worshipped as the nectar of the gods that it is this weekend as Pizza Port Carlsbad brings Carlsbadistan its 12th Annual Real Ale Festival June 12 & 13, 2009. The festival begins on Friday afternoon at 4 PM and features:

The most amazing selection of over 60 beers served from casks in the traditional style! It’s a great way to get educated while having too much fun! . . $25 to get in which includes a commemorative glass and 8 taster tickets. Only $1 for each additional 4 ounce taste once you’re inside the festival! Tickets are only available at the door for this the day of the festival!

The VIP session, which begins Friday at 1 PM, is completely sold out, but we’ve heard that if you roll up to the door with $40 in your hand, you just might be able to get in.

[Link: Pizza Port via The Full Pint]

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