The Carlsbadistan Twelve Days Of Christmas #2: iPhone Boombox From

by The Editors on December 2, 2009

4-SmCarlsbadistan based consumer electronics company Digital Group Audio’s Livespeakr for the Apple iPhone turns any Apple iPod, iPod Touch, or iPhone into a miniature boombox with it’s patent pending technology.

Sometimes, especially during the holidays, it’s fun to share music, movies, or TV without having to use headphone splitter cables, and that’s why Livespeakr makes a perfect gift this Christmas.

This amazing new speaker system features a set of speakers that fold-up and store conveniently behind the iPhone when they are not in use allowing for maximum portability. When the unit is stored (or hidden) it piggy-backs on the iPhone or iPod Touch making it portable enough to fit in your pocket for on-the-go portability. The unique style of the Livespeakrâ„¢ is visually stunning featuring bold design inspired by modern art.

Livespeakr is currently on sale online for $79.99 and comes in black or white designs that go perfectly with any Apple iPod/iPhone product. Follow the jump to see the

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