Show ‘Em Your O Towel

by The Editors on August 13, 2007

OtowelCarlsbad’s Laura Ogan was at the beach one day watching people try to fit square towels underneath a round umbrella when she had a thought: “Why doesn’t somebody invent a round towel with a hole in the middle to put their umbrella in.” No one had, so Ogan did. In fact, she filed and received a patent from the United States Patent Office for The O Towel, a round towel with two 100% polypropylene grommets that allow an umbrella to be planted in the sand right in the middle of the towel. Now, with the help of two other women, she is bringing the towel to market.

We took the O Towel out for a test run Sunday after Art In The Village and it worked exactly as promised. In fact, it made us feel stupid for having cut holes in all those old sheets. One thing: if you line the grommets up with the shadow of your umbrella pole, when the sun goes down you can move the umbrella to the hole on the outside of the circle and stay in the shade until sundown without moving the towel at all. And that is the genius behind the two-grommet design.

For more info call: 800.679.7032 and tell them you saw it on Carlsbadistan.

[Link: The O Towel]

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