Carlsbad Art In the Village Photos

by The Editors on August 12, 2007

Img 0602

On Friday night at Jazz In The Park we were complaining about the skies being overcast, but Sunday August 12, 2007 turned into a perfect Carlsbad Summer Day, just in time for the 2007 Art in the Village Street Fair.

Thousands turned out to walk the streets of The Village checking out an amazing collection of art, crafts, and snacks from more than 200 vendors.

Click the link below for all the photos.

Img 0600
Melissa, Bill, and Sara serving up icy cold cups of Barrett’s Old Fashioned Lemonade at the corner of Grand and State St.

Img 0588
Wan Griffith’s Thai hand made and painted clay flowers are amazingly beautiful works of art that look so real it’s hard to believe they start life as clay being pressed through a hand-cranked pasta maker. For more flowers, like the one below, visit Wan’s website at

Img 0589

Img 0590
Croyde Mirandon (right) discussing his father Nicholas’ resin paintings with a fan. See more at

Img 0605
Art in Uniform: Officers Develasco and Oppenborn representing Carlsbad’s Finest.

Img 0607
Carlsbad artist David Lozeau lounging with some of his Tiki Art and Carvings. For more visit:

Img 0611
The Shadow Team from Laguna Nigel and Santa Ana peddled their way to Art in the Village as part of an 80 mile Sunday ride. Damn, it’s going to be hot on the way home. . .

Img 0620
East on Grand. . . things got pretty crowded in the afternoon.

Img 0598
Heidi Schmidt of Lemon Grove painting waves in the shade.

Img 0616
Dianne’s Three Sons: Daniel, Jake, Dianne, and Phil of Carlsbad cruising the art.

Img 0610
Natasha Papousek painting some Crescent Mood Design Henna body art.

Img 0603
State and Grand: Where art meets Carlsbadistan.

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Dianne Varela August 13, 2007 at 4:38 pm

My boys and I had a great time at the art fair. Bought some cool stuff to remember it. Thanks for the pic.

Nuno Marques (portugal) January 19, 2009 at 7:52 am

Hi There, im looking for an old friend Called Croyde Mirandon, i met him in a Element skateboard tour in Portugal in 2002 , he was a landscape and skateboard amazing photographer.
i was the crazy cameraman (Nuno)…and i lost track on Croyde , and i would like to know he is doing…chat me back!

croyde mirandon March 29, 2009 at 4:54 pm

nuno write to me at good to get back in touch
un abrazo croyde

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