Another Political Probe Centers On La Costa

by The Editors on August 14, 2007

For politicos from other parts of the country, La Costa Resort and Spa seems to be the destination of choice when traveling on the public’s dime. But lately it’s meant trouble for somel. In Knoxville, Tennessee they’re looking a little more deeply into it.

The Ethics Committee, formed earlier this year as a result of state legislation aimed at cleaning up government after the Tennessee Waltz scandal, also wants Kim Bennett, executive director of the county pension board, to explain the La Costa golf trip. . . Commissioner Chairman Scott Moore and Commissioner Ivan Harmon were among four county representatives on the trip hosted by Wilshire Associates, the county’s pension consultant. . . .The trip included a round of golf, which costs up to $205 per person at La Costa. The foursome’s travel was funded by the county pension board.

Nothing like letting the county pension fund pay a couple rounds at La Costa.


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