Topless Bride At Legoland?

by The Editors on November 21, 2008

Lego3A couple weeks ago when LA Times writer Christopher Reynolds visited Legoland with his wife and daughter they noticed something odd while cruising through miniature Las Vegas.

Among the wonders of this scaled-down Vegas is a quickie-wedding chapel (below). Now, thousands of visitors have probably strolled right past it, since it’s not as tall as the fake Eiffel Tower, as familiar as the fake New York, New York skyline, or as splashy as the faux hotel fountains. But it’s clever. . . . If you wait and watch, an aged groom (in tuxedo with cane) and young, blond bride come striding out of the chapel, headed for a waiting bus. The bride is wearing red boots and either a red miniskirt or hot pants, it’s hard to say. But what startled the three of us was the bride’s top. . . . There didn’t seem to be one.

While Legoland’s Julie Estrada later assured Christopher that the woman is indeed wearing a white blouse, we’re not so sure. It kind of makes us think our old April Fools story may not have been as over the top as we thought.

[Link: Los Angeles Times]

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