The Carlsbadistan Top 10 For 2008

by The Editors on January 1, 2009


Happy New Year Carslbadistan! As we rock forward into 2009, let’s take a moment to look back at 2008 and the most popular stories according to you the Carslbadistan readers.

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10. La Costa Canyon Water Porno?
Someone took photos of strapping young water polo players and posted them to a gay pornography site. Obviously, the players, parents, coaches, and school administration was not happy about it.

9. There’s A New Bro In Bressi Ranch
Stater Bros. Market moves in to Bressi Ranch and the neighborhood goes wild. Apparently, this is big inland news.

8. Hensley’s Flying Elephant Grand Opening
Former pro skateboarder and Floggy Molly accordionist Matt Hensley opened a pub in Carlsbad in 2007 and it still makes the 2008 list because he’s that famous.

7. Julia de la Rosa Toro Née Christian
Carlsbadistan’s highest ranked female surfer charges the ASP women’s world tour with a new name and we had to remind ourselves that she’s no longer Julia Christian.

6. Lambesis Launches Skyy Infusions
The old Jazzersize building in downtown Carlsbadistan is home to a local agency that is doing big things in the global advertising. Don Draper would be proud.

5. McFarland Kids Now With Family
When Stephanie and Tod McFarland were killed in a tragic Utah car accident all of Carlsbad wept for the family and especially for the couple’s small children.

4. 2008 Carlsbad Triathlon: Down Under Thunder
In July of 2008 Australian Boyd Conrick and Rachel Challis of Carlsbad (by way of New Zealand) won the Carlsbad Triathlon is was a southern hemisphere sweep.

3. Carlsbad Couple Die In Utah Crash
Stephanie and Tod McFarland and their whole family were well loved in Carlsbad, and when news came of their deaths, everyone wanted to know what happened.

2. 2008 TGIF: Jazz In The Park Line-up
It was the biggest Jazz in The Park summer ever. So big that the concerts were moved so far away that we only made it to one concert. Apparently, our readers went to a few more.

1. Carlsbad Apple Store: Inside The Black Box
We’re not really sure what this says about our readership, our personal interests, or the way the Internet works, but the far and away pageview getter in 2008 was our inside coverage of the Apple store opening at Carlsbadistan Forum Shopping Center. It was even bigger than the Carlsbad City Council race. Guess that’s what happens when we cover stories that the world is interested in.

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Regis Weber January 2, 2009 at 12:57 pm

As much love as you give Matt Hensley, he should hang a great big Carlsbadistan poster in the bar!

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