Now Legoland Wants A Water Park

by The Editors on September 7, 2009


Before it was built Carlsbadistan’s Legoland was positioned as a tiny little theme park “just for small kids” that would be happy staying small. Each year, however, seems to bring new expansion plans from the Merlin Entertainments Group owned theme park.

First it was an aquarium, then the company got the city to change their parking requirements so they could build a hotel and restaurants, now according to the LA Times Legoland is asking the City of Carlsbad to allow them to put in a 5.5 acre waterpark.

San Diego County theme park Legoland has submitted its plan to the city of Carlsbad to build a 5.5-acre water attraction in the park’s northern section, officials said Friday. . . .The water park’s cost and design have yet to be determined, but Legoland spokeswoman Julie Estrada said it would be open by next summer.

The water park, like the aquarium, would have it’s own entry fee meaning there would actually be three amusement parks where previously only one stood. As one news tipper asks, “I wonder how this will affect the water park at Alga Norte.”

[Link: LA Times]

Sandi Entzminger September 28, 2009 at 9:32 pm

Just a thought. If water is in such short supply that we are on mandatory restriction, why is Legoland being given permits to build a water park that will use millions of gallons of water. Don’t tell me they will be recycling the water because that is a bunch of baloney. Oh gee, let me see, hmmm. Must be the MONEY they will make. MONEY, environment, MONEY, environment. MONEY wins!

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