Stick ‘Em Up Carlsbadistan

by The Editors on April 15, 2008

Carlsbadistan Stick2 stickers are perfect for placing almost anywhere including, but not limited to: your computer, skateboard, bike, car, refrigerator, office cubicle, door, desk, binder, tool box, cat, scooter, surfboard, or locker. Each sticker is three inches in diameter (there are three in the image above) and features our lovely Encina Power Station, the seawall along with a lifeguard tower and if you look closely, you’ll see a lifeguard Jeep in the Tamarack parking lot.

To get some FREE stickers just click here and email us your mailing address and we’ll send you an envelope full of stickers (while supplies last).


Carlsbadistan Poll Results #4

by The Editors on April 15, 2008

We let our last poll run for way, way too long. As a reminder we asked readers “What do you call home?” And here’s how the results stacked up based on a mind-numbing 78 votes:

  1. Carlsbadistan and proud 60%
  2. Far away 17%
  3. The Eastern Front (suburban Carlsbad) 9%
  4. La Costa 8%
  5. A town nearby, but not Carlsbad. 6%

It appears that we have nailed our targeted demographic pretty dead-center. Kudos to us. We’re also happy with the “Far Away” numbers because that means many who love Carlsbadistan (but can’t live here full time), are using our site to keep tabs on their favorite beach Village. And for that we say thanks.

For poll number five, we’ve decided to ask Carlsbadistan how you feel about your cable company? You know, the one with the metropolitan cable monopoly. We have had some problems with our Time Warner On-Demand service, but at this point, we’re really not interested in getting it fixed (even though Time Warner Cable San Diego’s VP of Public Affairs Marc Farrar has been nice enough to offer to “resolve the On Demand issue” not once, but twice.)

So this week we’re asking our readers to finish the following sentence: Time Warner Cable is. . .

Please look to the right-hand column (under the words “What Do You Think?” and let us know.


Last Chance Carlsbadistan Gift Rerun

by The Editors on December 23, 2007


A couple weeks ago we kicked down the Twelve Days of Carlsbadistan Christmas with a gift idea from the neighborhood for each day. For those last minute shoppers (or anyone else who wants to sing along) we’re giving it all up one more time. So here they all are in order of original appearance:

Day 1: Glovables From the Poached Pear
Day 2: Tea Forte from Linda’s Gift
Day 3: Sky King Trike from Ella Grace
Day 4: Havaianas Sandals From The M Collection
Day 5: Men’s Brazillian Wax At Michel Petite Spa
Day 6: Holiday Meals From Prontos’ Gourmet Market
Day 7: Automoblox From Maukilo European Toy Store
Day 8: Bamboo Skateboard From Witt’s
Day 9: Salinas Bikini At Cindy’s Swimwear
Day 10: Brixton Stout From The Den
Day 11: Angulo Stand Up Paddle Board From Legends Surf
Day 12: Terramar Beachfront Lot and Plans


Lr1000587470-1On the Twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a ocean front lot on the beach at Terramar. . .

We’ve written about Carlsbadistan’sLand of Gold” before. It’s a street called Tierra Del Oro and we thought it had been completely built out, but it appears that the Riley’s have decided against building their 6,215 square foot Terramar dream home (which was approved by Coastal Commission and the City of Carlsbad). Instead, they’re selling the empty lot along with all the plans and permits for a sweet $6.15 million.

Approx 60′ Beach frontage. Approved plans for a magnificent home (three story from the beach side) with an elevator, a phenomenal master suite, three additional bedrooms, five baths, office, retreat, gym, music room, great room, game room, full bar, gourmet kitchen with a walk-in refrigerator, two car garage and direct beach access on a double cul-de-sac street.

Last minute shoppers should contact Tom and Peggy Cozens and ask them about MLS listing #071085779. It really is the perfect stocking stuffer.

Tom and Peggy Cozens, Century 21 Sea Coast (760)930-9336.

[Editors’ Note: For the full Carlsbadistan 12 Days of Christmas gift list click here.]



To be clear: we are in no way suggesting that you should gift one of these boards to anyone who is going to ride it in Carlsbad. Oceanside is fine. But not Carlsbad, please. That said, Legends Surf has some great stand up paddling boards and paddles in stock. In fact, they are becoming SUP central it seems.

The board we think the SUP in your family might like is the Angulo Model . It’s 11′ 9 ” x 31 ” x 4.25″ with clear top and bottom, plus graphics, 2 +1. Fins and pad included. It’s great for the big man in anyone’s life. And right now it’s only $1950.00. But again, please, make sure the person you buy this board for only surfs it in Oceanside. Thank you.

Legends Surf, 2658 State Street, 760/730-9071.

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Brx Stout

Fine hats are back. And Brixton packs theirs with loads of style. Designed by David Stoddard in Oceanside, California The Stout ($55) is made of brown crushable felt with a black band, and black satin lining. It’s the hat to wear while tossing back a Guinness at Hensley’s, though the owner may be sporting something similar. Brixton hats are available at The Den.

The Den, 2744 Carlsbad Blvd. Ste 114, 760/729-2080.

[Editors’ Note: For the full Carlsbadistan 12 Days of Christmas Gift list click here.]



Don’t let winter stop you from getting a warm Christmas gift. You don’t have to go to Rio to get the latest in swim fashions, even the smallest bottoms are available right here in Carlsbad at Cindy’s Swimwear on Carlsbad Boulevard. The store specializes in the newest swim looks for women with most of the major brands represented on its walls. Though the mix and match tops and bottoms are a popular pick, we recommend buying anything from Salinas. Sure this Localizados Bikini retails for $121, but trust us when we say their suits are worth the money. And will make your Santa’s little helper look extra hot.

Cindy’s Swimwear, 2965 Carlsbad Blvd, (760) 434-7554.

[Editors’ Note: For the full Carlsbadistan 12 Days of Christmas Gift list click here.]


Bbf073 500

Every Carlsbadistanian needs a least one good skateboard around the house. They are perfect for checking the surf, rolling to 7-Eleven for milk, or worst case, shoving under a heavy piece of furniture to make the move smooth and protect the floor.

We found the perfect board at Witt’s Carlsbad Pipeline. It’s a Sector 9 Bamboo Series “Maccas” ($160). The board has no nose or tail kick so older skaters won’t be tempted into doing potentially injurious tricks from back in the day. The bottom graphic is of the Mentawai surf break Macaroni’s. And the coolest part? The board is made from 100% bamboo: one of the best renewable resources on the planet. Bamboo is strong, light, and it looks great, too. As Sector 9 says, “Save a tree. Ride a weed.”

Witt’s Carlsbad Pipeline, 2975 Carlsbad Blvd, (760) 729-4423.


Dinner-1When we were kids, one of the spoiled wunderkinders down the street got gift certificates from McDonalds in their stocking each Christmas. Though we now understand that’s like slowly giving someone a heart attack, as a ten year olds these annual gift certificates were enough to toss us into a envious funk.

Food is a still a quick way to our hearts, but this year we’d prefer a tasty sandwich from Prontos’ Gourmet Market. Prontos serves up delicious deli-style sandwiches, homemade soups, pastas, salads, and even desserts Monday through Friday. Plus, the deli case is always stocked full of fresh dinners to go for those nights you want to eat at home but just don’t feel like cooking.

Prontos’ Gourmet Market, 2812 Roosevelt Street, (760) 434-2644.


MichelIn light of the recent firestorm in San Diego County, we’re going to have to take California’s State Law to keep 100 feet of defensible space around structures to heart. By the looks of it there are plenty of Carlsbadistanians who need help trimming their own underbrush, and Mîchel Petite Spa and Skin Care Gallery in the village may be just the ones to do it. ‘Taint only women who get waxed at Michel’s: men’s Bikini ($50) and Brazillian waxes ($75) are also the menu. This is one gift certificate that may truly be better to give than to receive.

Mîchel Petite Spa and Skin Care Gallery, 2815 Roosevelt Street, 760-730-1772.